An Introduction Seems Appropriate

What/Who is Kyklos Creations

From my early years surrounded by handmade furniture in my parents’ antique shop, I’ve always loved the warmth of wood and had an appreciation for quality craftsmanship. Growing up with resourceful parents and grandparents taught me how to be creative and the joy of creating. Whether building, repairing, remodeling, making my own cabinets, or managing a furniture store, I have never been far removed from my creative side and my love for the beauty of wood. Building my own little workshop gave me the space to create and my wife’s encouragement gave me the push to pursue something I could be passionate about, which has grown to become Kyklos Creations.

The Kyklos Creations' name comes from the Greek word for cycle or circle. Beyond the obvious connection to a ring’s shape, we feel it also represents our life/work philosophy and our relation to nature. We depend on nature and it depends on us to not misuse it. If we treat each other right the relationship succeeds. Abuse is never a healthy situation.

For this reason, we have chosen to make a commitment to use resources wisely, reduce waste, and to minimize the use of chemical ingredients. This is why our rings are 100% natural and the finish we use is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are made to last from a quality and design standpoint. If they do come to an end, they will go back to the earth the same as they came.

As our world changes, we see the need for maintaining balance in our life more than ever. A balance between family vs work, quality vs convenience, and consumption vs waste. Gone are our days of working for a bigger and bigger paycheck while spending less and less time as a family. Now we make most of our meals at home and share the work. In everyday life, we are mindful of reducing our consumption and use of man-made materials and chemicals. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and appreciate what we have.

In regards to our handmade wood rings, the beauty of the wood is the focal point of our designs. That is why we prefer using an all-natural finish that does not conceal the character of the wood. As a living, breathing thing, it seems wrong to cover it with an unnatural coating. I believe the wood has a warmth and soul that persists long after it becomes a Kyklos ring. From the unrepeatable grain patterns in each piece of wood to our unique handmade designs, each ring is as individual as the people who wear them.

Our ultimate goal is to create something beautiful that you will treasure forever and will serve as an everyday reminder of your connections. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the beauty of wood and getting back to the basics, to what is truly important.

Handmade wood rings from Kyklos Creations